The meaning of ‘cavitation’

The meaning of ‘cavitation’

‘Cavitation’ is one of the body slimming treatment. It is a phenomenon in which a vaccum bubble is generated due to a difference in pressure in a liquid. Using this principle to approach the fats you worried about is a popular cavitation for beauty slimming.

Mechanism of Cavitation

We use the cavitation machine which is only made for body slimming salon.

A special ultrasonic wave generated by the cavitation machine is irradiated to the part where fat is, and the fat cell is destroyed by stimulating the fat cell. Ultrasound is very fine vibration of sound waves, but it is said that fat cells vibrate more than 30,000 times per second by irradiating ultrasonic waves with a cavitation machine.

The destroyed fat cells are naturally excreted out of the body by metabolism so every time when you get cavitation treatment, you will get closer to your ideal body line.
Caviation treatment is an advantage from the point of view that it can be easily to get because there is no worry about pain on the skin surface treatment. Also downtime is much shorter than liposuction.

What is the effect of cavitation?

Cavitation can approach not only fat but also cellulite which is called a mass of fat.
It is said that once cellulite is on, it cannot be easily removed by self-care so many people may give up. If you are worried about cellulite that looks ugly, please try cavitation once.

In addition, cavitation can be expected to eliminate swelling. It is said that cavitation will improve blood circulation and drain waste and excess water, so why don’t you use it for chronic swelling?  Giving a massage by yourself at home and drinking without ice to produce waste will make you more effective.

Get a slim body by cavitation!

Cosmetic surgery also involves liposuction but most people feel uncomfortable to have surgery. Cavitation treatment is easier to recieve than liposuction because it is easier to feel effect of receiving it several times instead of once.

Although there are individual differences, you can expect some effect even once so why don’t you try it?