Most of them are members-only, and customers who know their identity can come so fell free to come and safe.
We can recommend high formality of the bar and quality of customers with confidence.
There are few people who get drunk and cause trouble so you can spend a comfortable time.

Price System

The first charge that comes to you is called “ set price”.
Please check with the bar as it changes every hour or 2 hours.
The set price includes the cover charge and the small appetizer, and depending on the bar, the price of mineral water is also included.
Usually new customers order bottles. It costs at least 15,000yen to 30,000 and if you want to order expensive one, it will cost over 100,000yen.
And then the service charge will cost also.
※The cover charge will still be charged even if you don’t need a small appetizer.
We will introduce you who can speak English so feel free to visit.