Swedish massage

Swedish massage is different from Japanese aroma massage, and this massage approaches deep muscles and squeezes tight muscles and blood flow.
It doesn’t hurt and stiffness is loosened.

Herb Ball

Herb balls are made by blending herbs that are likely to work for you and which is wrapped in a cloth.
After you get a massage, you will improve lymph and blood flow. Then steamed herb balls are applied to affected part.
Pressing a heated herb ball has the effect of cleansing the body from inside.


Ayurveda is a traditional medicine from India since ancient times.
It is a treatment that discharges the accumulated toxins out of the body and returns it to its original healthy condition.
Choose the oil according to your physical condition, massage the whole body and then sweat in the sauna. With head massage, warm oil is dropped on the forehead to enhance the relaxation effect.

Lomi lomi massage

Lomi lomi massage has been used in ancient Hawaii as a healing therapy to keep the royal family healthy. After putting aroma oil to the bare skin, it is performed with strong pressure using the hands, elbows and arms of the therapist. It has the effects of increasing metabolism, burning fat and decomposing cellulite.

Slimming treatment

A menu that removes only unnecessary parts of fat and makes your body beautiful and healthy.
By using a special device to effectively massage and remove fat, or massage by hand of an therapist, the body is tightened without overdoing.