The meaning of “éclat” which is our shop name is success and shine.

Éclat is a members-only gym and body slimming salon.
We will provide you with a luxury time in a private space.
We have various menu such as diet, strength improvement, health maintenance and anti-aging so you can choose your favorite one. We aim for your healthy and beautiful body together with Kaatsu training, yoga, pilates and spa.

Why éclat is chosen

Fial treatment

Éclat focuses not only body care but also facial treatment. Cleansing your skin will to your confidence. We have a wide selection of menu such as slimming face treatment and skin improvement treatment.

Personal training

Since everyone has a different frame and range of motion, we propose a training menu tailored to you. Let’s achieve the goal while consulting with your tainer.


We use LOUVREDO products. We realize a healthy and beautiful body with inner care and outer care. Also we use energy cosmetics aimed at cell activity.

※energy cosmetics→By increasing the regenerative power of the original cells, the cells will rejuvenate and the skin will rejuvenate.


Facial Activating cells treatment

We use carbonic acid a lot and do facial treatment with energy cosmetics for the purpose of activating cells. It is also possible to make a personalized facial treatment by combining options that suit your concerns.

Facial carbonate acid slimming treatment

Éclat’s slimming face treatment approaches not only the face but also the body.
Using plenty of carbonic acid to promote blood circulation and discharge wastes and softens muscles to create beautiful small faces.

Kaatsu training

By restricting blood flow moderately, your body condition will be similar to when you get hard training in a low load and for a short time, and the growth hormone secretion will be promoted also. This training is effective for diet, strength improvement, anti-aging and so on.

Ultra HIFU

Ultra HIFU is a slimming machine that can be used to perform precise shots on the part to be treated. The slimming effect can be expected by capturing subcutaneous fat accurately.

Cellulite Zero

Cellulite Zero machine can radiate cavitation, laser diode and radio waves at the same tome, and approaches stubborn fat.

※Cellulite→ the condition of the skin which is degenerated due to fibrosis of adipose tissue and appears as unevenness on the skin.

Silk Suspension

It is possible to approach deep muscle by exercising in an unstable state.
You can improve body balance and flexibility by stimulating the body core.


Phone number
5th floor Daiei building 4-10-3 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo Toei Oedo Line Roppongi station 1minute walk from Gate6
Opening hours
Open 9 am to 9 pm