We are equipped with the highest standards of new slimming equipment in the industry.

Bloom offers counseling and treatments tailored to your concerns and needs.
We also have a large selection of the latest slimming equipment in the industry such as thermo-shaping, cavitation and endamology.

A relax space that forgets about being a city

Bloom is a completely private room at all salons so that you can relax and be treated physically and mentally without worrying about other customers.
They strive to create a healing space where customers can relax without being bothered by urban location noise.

Estheticians with experience and achivements

Bloom staff is committed to improving their knowledge of slimming and beauty and ensuring their satisfaction. Also, all estheticians have completed hard training and have first-class skills. Professional estheticians will provide the best treatment for each customer. Bloom does not offer any solicitations and offers proposals according to your budget so you can visit them with confidence.


TOWER8th Floor Owari-cho Ginza 6-8-3 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo There are other branches